We understand that the White House is a family naturist club but should I be worried about bringing my children? 
The White House has been catering for families with children for many years and the safety of children is constantly monitored with an appointed trained Child Protection officer working within the official Child Protection Policy guidelines. Many of our members have grown up at the White House and introduced their children and grandchildren.

Will the children be shocked during their first visit to the White House? 
Not at all: children take to it like fish to water.

Are we expected to be naked at all times? 
No, when conditions are too cold it is sensible to wear clothes.

Won’t some men get visibly turned on? 
No, naturism is not sexually stimulating. However surprising as this sounds initially, you’ll quickly discover it is true.

I feel insecure about my body – am I attractive enough to take off my clothes?
People come in all shapes, sizes and colours, naturists accept everyone just as they are. The naturist experience counteracts the ‘perfect body’ culture often portrayed in the media. Women, in particular, find that naturism gives them body confidence.

Will my friends and colleagues at work find out that I am a naturist? 
Not unless you tell them, no. We respect everyone’s confidentiality. No cameras are allowed in the grounds, and phone cameras cannot be used.

What if I meet someone I know at the club? 
This doesn’t happen often and has never been a problem – after all, you share the same interests and members do not talk about members to non members.

What sort of people are members of the White House? 
Generally a cross-section of the community just like your neighbours – although they are perhaps more independent minded.

Is the White House affiliated to a national body? 
Yes, the White House is a member of British Naturism.

How is the White House itself run? 
The club is a not-for-profit private limited company, owned by the members, governed by an elected committee from within the membership with a properly constituted AGM each year.

Do we have to be members to enjoy the facilities of the White House? 
Yes and we have various membership arrangements for local, distant and overseas members.

Can we bring friends to the White House? 
Yes, we encourage members to bring family and friends as their guests to the White House. They often end up joining after their free visits.

Would we have to get naked immediately? 
No. We are very relaxed and encourage visitors and new members to take their time to become nude. In summer, you will attract less attention nude than being clothed.

Are we supposed to get involved with the activities and sports as soon as we join? 
No. Take time to chill out and do whatever suits you.

Do women come by themselves? 
Women come alone to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the White House. You can decide to be sociable or solitary and no one will disturb you.

Will my personal details be secure?
We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information and complying with the requirements of data protection legislation. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

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