The White House is a friendly community where members of all ages can relax, enjoy sport and participate in a lively and varied programme of activities all year round.

New naturists don’t need to worry about knowing what to do. Indoors or out, you can be clothes-free whenever the weather permits. It’s a sociable place but if you choose to be solitary, no-one will disturb you.

The White House is a safe, family-friendly environment, run according to the principles of British Naturism. There are loads of activities for children to do outside, and a large indoor playroom for rainy days.

White House on the air

Recently the club was featured on BBC Radio Surrey’s breakfast show, when reporter Lesley McCabe visited us to hear about naturism, to soak up some atmosphere and to chat with some of our members.

For over 80 years, the White House has been a haven where members have the freedom to enjoy our clothes-free lifestyle whenever they wish. All our facilities are available all day, every day: you can visit whenever it suits you.

Some members visit just to swim or use the gym, others bring food and make a day of relaxing or doing something more energetic. Our extensive grounds and patio are very popular but the house and conservatory are warm and comfortable if it is cold or wet. You can be sociable, make new friends and join in, or simply chill out and enjoy peace and quiet.

New members are encouraged to take things at their own pace. There is no pressure to be clothes-free until you feel comfortable. Try our lovely grounds and facilities and find out what fits your lifestyle.

Enjoy your time in a clothes-free environment, run and owned by the members.

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